We offer a wide range of classes to fit your interest and schedule. Try them all to find your new favourite!


Sunday 7-8 PM

Come relax and unwind in this deeply restorative class. Gentle movement combined with cosy, supportive poses and lots of props will ensure the rest of your

week goes smoothly.


Saturday 10-11:30 AM

This fun, all-ages, all-abilities class will leave you refreshed an erergised with a focus on injury prevention - the perfect way to start your weekend!
Join us after class for coffee, tea, and conversation.


Saturday 12-1 PM

Yin Yoga is a beautifully introspective, slow-paced class with long-held poses designed to stretch the connective tissues.
Improve flexibility and range of motion while releasing tension and pent-up emotion.


Tuesday 7-8 PM

Guide your intuition in this integrated class that combines mantra, meditation, and asana in a mind-body-spirit rejuvenating practice.

The newest addition to our yoga studio!


Thursday 7:30-9 PM

Whether you're new to meditation or already practice, this is the class for you! Learn multiple meditation techniques to find the style that works best for you, and most importantly, learn how to know when you're doing it "right."


Tuesday 8-9 AM

Get your blood and body flowing in this fast-paced, challenging Vinyasa Flow. Upbeat music and fun sequencing make this class an ideal way to start your morning.

Allergies? Asthma?

We use a citrus essential oil mat cleaner and we have a resident Yoga Dog. We also occasionally use incense and scented candles. Please let us know how we may accommodate you!


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