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One-on-one is one of the best ways to learn Yoga. Together, we make a plan for your practice that is unique to your body and your goals.

All of Luminaire's excellent teachers are trained in evidence-based principles of injury prevention and recovery, and work with you to create customized practices that build on each other and will allow you to easily measure your progress.

Use the power of yoga to target specific health issues like sciatica or arthritis, begin to heal from existing injury, or just familiarize yourself with the practice so you can feel confident in a group class.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how private instruction can jumpstart your healing journey.

Rate for private instruction is $60 per 70 minute class.

Yoga Practice
Private Instruction: About Us

We have a resident Yoga Dog and we use a citrus-based cleaner in the studio.  Please let your instructor know if you have allergies.

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