Take your practice to the next level

Fall 200-hour YTT begins September 5th

  • Deepen Your Own Practice

In a teacher training, you'll learn more than just how to teach: so much more about yoga including the history and philosophy of the practice, the ancient yogic texts, and detailed anatomy of the asanas.


  • Know Your Roots

You'll learn where yoga comes from, how it has evolved over time, and how the ancient teachings are still applicable to our modern lives.


  • Learn the WHY of the HOW

If you've ever wondered WHY you're instructed to place your left foot here, and your right hand there, now is your chance to learn! Detailed anatomy is part of every teacher training so you'll have a thorough understanding of how the body moves in asana and how to keep your students safe and prevent injury.


  • Inspire Others

If you've ever left a yoga class feeling rejuvenated, you know how beneficial the practice is! Now is your chance to join the ranks of teachers bringing people closer to balance, inner peace, and personal strength.


  • Hold A Reputable Certification

The Yoga Alliance is the industry standard with regard to assuring teachers receive the best possible training in order to uphold the profession and keep their students safe and successful during practice. 


  • Assistance With Job Placement 

Part of the teacher training curricula includes resume writing, designing business cards, and finding your unique niche and teaching style. We want to make sure you have the tools to become a successful teacher! You also become part of our Alumni Network and have ongoing opportunities to promote your own business & teach classes at Luminaire!



Fall Program runs September 5 - November 15

This teacher training will bring you deeper into your personal practice. Explore the history, culture, and spirituality of Yoga and challenge yourself with new flows and poses.​​

​Space is limited in this intimate training so register soon to save your spot!​

​$500 off tuition if you register before July 30!


"I am so proud and excited to spread the knowledge I've learned! I'm grateful for this opportunity and for this school." - Lani, Luminaire Graduate





Owner & Program Director

Caitlin's mantra has always been "Yoga is for everyone." She brings the rigor of her science-based background in Civil Engineering, Holistic Nutrition, and Occupational Injury Prevention into union with the ancient Spirituality and Philosophy of Yoga for a program that is truly comprehensive. The depth and breadth of Caitlin's teaching and the curriculum of her 200-hour Teacher Training will not only prepare you for a career as a yoga teacher, it will also challenge you to grow in every aspect of your personal life.
Caitlin loves teaching yoga even more than she loves chocolate.


These are just some of the many subjects you'll explore.





"What you are seeking is seeking you" -Rumi

Explore the history of yoga from ancient India through today, including influential teachers & different schools of yoga.


Ancient texts and key yogic teachings contain a wealth of information applicable to the modern yoga teacher.


"Body is the Bow; Asana is the Arrow" -BKS Iyengar

A thorough understanding of the body's mechanics and the science of movement is essential for every yoga teacher. Learn principles of Intelligent Movement and Injury Prevention to keep your students safe while creating fun, challenging classes.

Physical Therapy
Girls Doing Push Ups


"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." -Albert Einstein

One of the most important parts of teacher training is learning how to serve your students fully. Use of language and metaphor, modified poses and props, and how to assess an individual student's needs are equally as important as how to sequence the poses.

"Caitlin is attentive, professional, and knows her stuff. She makes you feel at ease and as though she is really listening to you and takes the time to interact. Highly recommended!"

Ryan L.

"I'm so glad I found Caitlin. She is amazing! She is very professional and determined. By way of Yoga I got to meet this wonderful human being. She teaches at our speed without pushing much while also encouraging to get better and establish a good foundation. I would highly recommend Caitlin to anyone who is a beginner or a pro."

Taru D.

"Caitlin is warm, genuine, and generous. Her teaching is concise and well-delivered. The class is very relevant and easy to understand."

Erin S.

"Caitlin provides a very welcoming, ready-to-learn environment. It has all been a great experience."

Amber Z.

"I am so proud and excited to spread the knowlegde I've learned! I'm grateful for this opportunity and for this school."

Lani A.

"Caitlin is very easy to talk to and a wonderful listener. Her studio has a great energy to it!

Andrew A.

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